Project focus and objectives

The main objectives of HERACLES are:

  • Identify the Eastern European population (EEP) affected by CE by ultrasound screening;

  • Create the European Registry of Cystic Echinococcosis (ERCE);

  • Establish the Echino-Bio-Bank of biological samples from animals and human CE patients and related Databases;

  • Set-up and validate new molecular-based POC-LOC (Point Of Care - Lab On a Chip) kits;

  • Identify the molecular bases associated with CE response to therapy or lack thereof, through the study of host-parasite interplay (“omic” studies);

  • Increase drug bioavailability of ABZ using an in vivo model and synthesize a new enantiomeric drug;

  • Train experts working in Eastern European countries (EEC), as they are crucial to fight this disease.